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🎭 the decentralized supreme court; DAOs; identity R&D; economic growth; saving cute rhinos

Hey friends! 🖖
Here are my picks from last week.
Have fun!
🏛️ When $50 crypto-transactions can touch four continents in a millisecond, traditional judiciaries simply cannot respond. Instead, we need a new global justice system that works like the Internet works. Surprisingly, the civic technologies first used in Ancient Athens may provide an answer. Kleros is building a new decentralized supreme court from first principles. Their e-book is a mind-bending read, and it’s free!
🧪 I’m still trying to get my head around DAOs and which industries they will first dissolve. Online movements or mobs (depending on whose side you are) will most likely be the first adopters. (thread)
Jake Brukhman
DAOs are going to be crazy.

If the natural unit of organization on the Internet is the swarm, then DAOs turbocharge this organization in a major way.
🎭 “First you shape your masks and thereafter, your masks shape you.” Experimenting with multiple identities will become mainstream with Gen Z. Aaron Lewis describes how identity R&D is already in full operation on Twitter.
🖖 When online identities are combined with payments, we get something like Yat: emoji usernames that become your universal Internet identity, website URL, payment address, and more. Yat is by far the best attempt I’ve seen at making crypto mainstream. Here’s my “emoji-identity”:🔥🦁👋🍀
🧱 I may need to write a long-form post on identity just to get the topic out of my system. But here’s one more. It’s about the tech stack that our online identities will be built on.
“When we approach identity as an inventory holding multiple contexts, we can expansively navigate the highly varied use cases of a peer-to-peer web, and reimagine what we are. By reevaluating identity in our technical systems, we can also fundamentally remap agency in the political sphere to come.”
🌱 Erik Torenberg has written a short read on why economic growth matters. Don’t worry, the essay will go beyond the obvious.
🦏 Rhino bonds. Yes, you read that right. We are finding more and more creative ways of doing economy together. Investors stand to make more money if the population of the endangered black rhinoceros in South Africa grows over the next five years.
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