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Social protocols

Humans are fundamentally social beings. We are wired to connect with others and have a natural disposition towards empathy, cooperation, and altruism.
But our ability to outgrow 100 people tribes would not have been possible without inventing new social protocols — implicit and explicit systems of rules that mediate and govern human interaction — ranging from cultural artifacts, communication interfaces, and credit to democracy, IPR, and joint-stock companies.
These social protocols are now increasingly being turned into code. Software doesn’t merely make human interaction more efficient; it has the power to fundamentally change what we pay attention to, who we interact with, how we work together.
In the wrong hands, this power can be wielded to engineer social media addiction or influence elections. But used right, it could radically accelerate solutions to society’s most pressing problems, from climate to covid.
21st-century technological innovation will revolve not around gadgets but software-mediated sensemaking, governance, and collective action.
That’s the world that I’m here to explore. And by sharing my progress, I hope to attract and connect with fellow travelers.So, welcome! 👋OlliP.S. I’m really curious to hear what you are working on right now. I’d be happy to receive a reply from you - even if it were just 3 words :)
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