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🖼️ NFTs; tokenized membership; mirrorworld; Reddit economies; network effects of creativity

🖼️ NFTs are all the craze with multiple new business models emerging. Jordan Cooper argues that the emergent NFT structure is, in fact, not tokenized art or collectibles, but tokenized membership. This concept is further elaborated on in this post by Julien Genestoux.
👻 Snap is not the company you think it is. AR will be the next big tech platform, “the mirrorworld”, and Snap is in a position to dominate it.
⚡ Reddit might be massively undervalued. Also, some exciting speculation on leveraging cryptos to build an economy: “In time, we’d love to see the company run an economy equivalent to Roblox: users would buy Redditbux with cash and spend it on Reddit Marketplace, buying access to private subreddits, purchasing swag, and acquiring new flair or NFTs.”
🧑‍🎤 The long-awaited third and final piece on TikTok by Eugene Wei is out. This time the focus is on the network effects of creativity.
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