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Hey friends! 👋
Here are my picks from last week.
Most of them seem rather heavy. If you have just a little bit of time, I recommend you to try the serendipity technique:
  1. check out the Tim Ferriss episode below,
  2. click to pick a random moment in time,
  3. and press play 🍿
So let’s get into it:
🔮 When it comes to technology and its societal impact, Balaji Srinivasan will keep you ahead of the curve. This episode with Tim Ferriss is a 3.5-hour time commitment but very much worth it: Bitcoin and Ethereum, Media Self-Defense, Drone Warfare, Crypto Oracles, India as Dark Horse, The Pseudonymous Economy, Beautiful Trouble, Ramanujan, Life Extension, and More.
🤯 What does it *feel* like when our minds merge with software? And how do these transformations in the private sphere force us to reconsider how we design our digital public spaces? 8 first-person stories. (Jan 2021)
🥞 Every civilization is driven by a core stack of social technologies. When this stack fails, so does the civilization. The Industrial Revolution is the current core of our society. And it is failing.
⚖️ On legitimacy and how it acts as a driving force behind many coordination games - such as blockchains.
🌐 Erik Torenberg has written two posts: The world according to Rene Girard and the world according to Glen Weyl. If you are not yet familiar with these two thinkers, I highly recommend you take a look.
🦮 I have recently started working on a new project and needed to jump in at the deep end of the pool called decentralized identity. This masterful essay by Vinay Gupta has helped me understand the foundations of identity systems, path dependence & decisions that will ripple out far into the future. (May 2017)
‘You probably don’t know who you are. And if you do, you probably can’t tell me about it in a way that communicates it to me. And we’re supposed to write software about this?’
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