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👀 Attention crisis; progress studies; next wave of social; DAOs & community tokens; cryptoasset valuation; cryptoculture

👀 The global society is living through a crisis of attention - on both the individual level (information overflow) and the collective (not paying enough attention to existential threats). Union Square Venture’s Albert Wenger has published a 64 tweet summary of his book “The World After Capital”, where he outlines the steps we need to take to navigate this new reality.
🚄 Stripe Co-founder Patrick Collison on speeding up technological development and societal progress.
🌊 The current lockdown situation has spawned a new wave of social media companies (link to podcast). One interesting example is Sequoia Capital’s recent investment: the virtual HQ platform “Gather”.
🧿 Linda Xie has put together an excellent primer on Decentralized Autonomous Organizations aka DAOs. Oh btw, that primer is published on, a decentralized, user-owned, crypto-based publishing platform.
💱 As often with new technological breakthroughs, the early use cases build on mental models of the previous era. Community tokens are no exception (see e.g. Kickstarter, Patreon). But new models are emerging.
💸 We are slowly starting to understand how different types of cryptoassets (vs. equities or commodities) should be valued. Here’s a case for the decentralized exchange SUSHI.
🖕 Cryptocurrencies are not only a technological revolution but a cultural one. David Hoffman explores this idea in detail.
🌎 And finally, a quote by Vinay Gupta really got me pondering about the fallacious dualism underpinning our mainstream economic thought: 
“There is no environment, and there is no economy. There is just the life allocation system.” - Vinay Gupta
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